Risk & Analytics Leader

2Soft Solutions

Position: Risk & Analytics Leader

Location: Mumbai

Salary: 20 to 40 lacs (Open for right candidate)

  • Experience
    • 6-15 years including at least 3 years leading people
    • Candidate should have experience creating similar applications at a respected global company. Prefer experience in financial services for familiarity with regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Responsibility
    • Contribute to design, and lead execution, of client service and back office functionality including establishing new accounts, managing accounts, and internal account management tools.
    • Drive financial results for us by making our clients successful, and which enables opportunity for our people.
  • Metrics
    • Ultimate responsibility for developing client service-oriented software through multiple delivery cycles.
    • Managed at least 8 people for at least 3 years.
    • Evidence of new invention, innovation, or achieving competitive edge through technology.
  • Technology
    • Strong with high performance Java. Should have exposure to another language, such as C++, C#, Python, R, Scala, or Clojure.
    • Strongly prefer expertise specifically with SQL Server. They should know how to optimize query and database performance, and guide where to use relational stores relative other data management options.
    • Should have certifications earlier in their career.
  • Process
    • Strong agile process expertise and leadership to sustain consistent, disciplined releases.
  • Domain expertise
    • Strong preference for capital markets understanding such as attributes and behaviors of asset classes including fx, options, spread bets, binaries, and contracts for difference. For example, an ideal candidate will have built valuation, hedging, or alpha-generating proprietary trading models.
  • Attributes
    • Educational background should include graduate or post-graduate training in a quantitative subject from a competitive school. This requirement can be waived if a candidate has a clear and sustained record of designing, building, and operating predictive models, complex quantitative analytics, or machine learning in production in application(s) that are significantly material to the business results of a global company.
    • Experience working in other global financial centers, such as London or New York, is positive.
    • We value intelligence; self-sufficient drive to reliably perform high quality tasks with minimal direction; and integrity to treat people well, do what they say, and contribute to a culture based on trust.