DevOps & Test Leader

DevOps & Test Leader

Location: Mumbai

Salary: 10 to 20 lacs

  • Experience
    • 5-10 years including at least 3 years leading people
    • The candidate must have experience with a well-regarded global company or technology consulting company.
  • Responsibility
    • Create a world class DevOps capability. Serve as a thought leader. Distinguish the Think Liquidity by creating evidently market-leading agile, continuous integration, automated testing and profiling, and continuous and automated deployment.
    • Contribute to developing effective, consistent, highly productive agile practices across all areas.
    • Serve as the final point of accountability for reliability and performance before releasing software to production.
  • Metrics
    • Previously introduced DevOps newly to an organization, and evolved the function to a high state of maturity.
    • Managed at least 8 people for at least 3 years.
    • Evidence of new invention, innovation, or achieving competitive edge through technology.
  • Technology
    • Agile and CI automation
    • High performance Java design patterns
    • Static profiling for code quality and security
    • SQL Server expertise
  • Process
  • Domain expertise
  • Attributes
    • Educational background should include a quantitative degree from a competitive school. Graduate level studies are preferred.
    • Experience working in other global cities, such as London or New York, is positive.
    • We value intelligence; self-sufficient drive to reliably perform high quality tasks with minimal direction; and integrity to treat people well, do what they say, and contribute to a culture based on trust.