Career Counselor, Mumbai


Position: Career Counselor
Job Location: Vile Parle
Exp: 1 to 4 years

Responsibilities of Career Counselor
The career counsellor team is a part of the mobile team which will be situated mainly in the college/university campuses. The team will consists of counsellors who will be providing on the desk support at the campus location in various college and universities.

On top of this the counsellors will also be involved in the overall Counsellor is responsible to understand clients need and satisfied with solution. Solutions include offering right company products – Education and Immigration in Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and UK and options to study and build career in India if found suitable.

Counsellor should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, positive and energetic all the time. Be focus and must know what you want to achieve.

–    Give warm welcome and greet clients;
–    Understand client profile: Qualification, experience; family background; English proficiency; any visa refusal; any country visit and return;
•    Understand purpose of coming to us and its requirement;
o    Maintain good standard of counselling through asking questions respectfully;
o    Listen to client with attention;
o    Ask multiple questions to understand client and do not speak in between when client speaks;
o    Make friendly atmosphere and develop good relationship;
o    You should ask question in comfortable way to know purpose of going foreign country:
o    The counsellor will take the psychometric test based on the interaction or the counselling session.
o    Complete analysis will be explained to the prospect who registers with winny.
o    Based on the written paper the various career options could be summarized and explained:
o    If the prospect is interested or eligible in going abroad then following things could be followed:
o    General counselling questions:
o    A.    Have you searched website or program?
B.    Why you want to go Canada? Reason for going: Purpose, settlement, study, relative or friends, Logical question: if IELTS is given person must have visited other consultancy.
C.    Give proper solution as per the need of the client – effectively – NOT AS YOU ARE ROBERT TELECALLER OR SPAEAKING ONLY MUG OF THINGS;
D.    Understand client’s question completely before give any reply – solution; Please give solution with understanding of next question can be arise;
E.    You should not try to sell any product but show dream of achieving his object through us;
F.    Give only positive solution rather than advising negatively such as you will not get admission in particular program or school. Rather than this, inform where he can go, how and which career options available to him; career prospect; expected salary; long term goal and short term goal;
•    If you do not have information, right away ask senior for answer;
•    Give effective solutions only, not vague answers;
•    In case you need to more research to find solution, take time from client and make appointment for next meeting to give proper solution;
•    Suggest program, college and explain career options with statics and tuition fee;
•    Provide perfect information to clients – Conditional admission process; IELTS caching; updation of case through SMS system; Internship; placement; fee structure; Level of education; intake; education system abroad;
•    Visa: SPP (full form) benefits – Visa success are high; Chances of interview is very less;
•    Why Winny: Government of Canada recognized immigration consultant. no visa interviews, how visa file prepared, less documents, special take care for each documents, Excellent visa success rate, safest place for students, good job options.
•    Confirm if client has any question regarding program and college; If client is satisfied, take him to next step;
•    Explain benefits of study abroad such as Canada – during learning and after program – Work permit and permanent residence in Canada;
•    Explain the complete plan and process from admission till visa and our role in this;
a.    We will apply for admission – to secure your seat in program – give time as per college processing time;
b.    Inform IELTS training provided by Winny
c.    Once admission received, Visa processing department will explain requirement of documents and process;
d.    After result, client will go for medical and submit documents for visa and on other hand, we will send IELTS for unconditional acceptance;
e.    We will apply to more colleges/universities if student wish or as discussed before;
f.    Client will pay fees tuition fee directly to college once required achieved;
g.    Visa department will prepare application and senior examiner will check application;
h.    Application will be shown to client for information verification and confirmation;
i.    Once application is checked, will be submitted CHC in case application for the Canada, New Delhi;
j.    Explain Winny, IELTS and visa fees and give total cost involved;

•    Ask if student has any concern regarding process flow and its administration;
–    Discuss and finalize college country and programs.
The same pattern could be followed for showing study options India.
Follow ups:

•    On your scheduled follow up time, make call from; before you make a call, look at conversation log in Based on information available on, start conversation; say for example if you find client needs to think more about options, you may start conversation with general talk and then “what have you decided, which college or program you wish to apply?”. Make sure you have made next follow up date and time.

•    Make a call again on schedule date and time. Try to invite again at office to clear client’s doubts and to start procedure. Try to make registration in second or third visit.


•    Collect Winny fees, college admission application fee and academic documents as per college required documents checklist.
•    Request client to read and sign agreement on each page.
•    Make sure client has written all information in affidavit and agreement such as program he wants to apply and IELTS score.
•    Request client to write fee and refund amount in blank space in the agreement.
•    Take signature on authorization and affidavit. Please also take signature in register of notary.
•    Based on information in agreement, select college and program name in
•    Make payment receipt, sign and give it to client.
•    Give list of pending documents to client and inform to submit it at the earliest.
•    Once affidavit is signed, upload all documents, select fee package and generate fee receipt in Forward inquiry to SPO.